Where To Watch The Lions Game In 2023

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Where To Watch The Lions Game In 2023
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The Detroit Lions are one of the most popular and beloved football teams in the United States. As a fan, it’s important to know where you can watch their games to support them and stay up-to-date with their progress. In this article, we will explore various platforms and options to catch all the action of the Lions game in 2023.

1. Television Broadcast

One of the easiest and most common ways to watch the Lions game is through television broadcasts. Major networks like CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN usually air NFL games, including those featuring the Detroit Lions. Check your local listings or the NFL schedule to find out which network is broadcasting the game you want to watch.

2. Cable and Satellite Providers

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you can access channels like NFL Network, ESPN, and local sports networks that broadcast Lions games. Contact your service provider to ensure you have the necessary channels in your package. Consider exploring different cable and satellite options if you’re not satisfied with your current provider.

3. Streaming Services

Streaming services have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering viewers flexibility and convenience. Platforms like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and fuboTV provide access to live sports, including NFL games. Some services even offer free trials, so you can test them out before committing.

4. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an official streaming service that provides access to live and on-demand NFL games. With a subscription, you can watch every Detroit Lions game during the season. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive content, such as game replays, highlights, and in-depth analysis. Consider this option if you want a comprehensive viewing experience.

5. Local Sports Bars

If you prefer a lively atmosphere and enjoy watching games with fellow fans, local sports bars can be a great option. Many sports bars have multiple screens dedicated to different games, including the Lions. Grab some friends, head to a nearby sports bar, and cheer on the Lions while enjoying some delicious food and drinks.

6. Mobile Apps

In this digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. The NFL has developed mobile apps that allow fans to watch live games on their devices. The official NFL app and the network-specific apps, such as the ESPN app and the CBS Sports app, are worth exploring. These apps often provide additional features like live scores, player stats, and expert analysis.

7. International Streaming

If you’re a Lions fan living outside the United States, you can still watch their games through international streaming services. Platforms like NFL Game Pass International offer live and on-demand games, ensuring you never miss a single play, no matter where you are in the world.

8. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become more than just places to connect with friends. The NFL and various networks often post live updates, highlights, and even live streams of games on their official accounts. Follow the Detroit Lions, the NFL, and other relevant accounts to catch game-related content on your feed.

9. Local Radio Stations

For those who prefer an audio-only experience or want to listen to the game while on the go, local radio stations can be a fantastic option. Tune in to sports radio stations that broadcast Lions games and enjoy the play-by-play commentary, analysis, and interviews.

10. Official Team Website

The official website of the Detroit Lions is an excellent resource for fans. It provides updates, news, and highlights about the team and their games. While you may not be able to watch the game live on the website, you can find valuable information and post-game coverage.


1. Can I watch the Lions game for free?

Some streaming services offer free trials, allowing you to watch the Lions game without paying. However, most platforms and cable/satellite providers require a subscription or service package to access the games.

2. Is NFL Game Pass available worldwide?

Yes, NFL Game Pass has an international version that is available to fans around the world. You can subscribe to NFL Game Pass International and enjoy all the Detroit Lions games regardless of your location.

3. Can I watch the game on my smartphone?

Absolutely! The official NFL app and network-specific apps allow you to watch live games on your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app, log in with your credentials, and start streaming.

4. Are there any alternatives to cable and satellite providers?

Yes, streaming services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and fuboTV offer alternatives to traditional cable and satellite providers. These services provide access to live sports, including Lions games, at a lower cost and with more flexibility.

5. Can I listen to the game on my car radio?

Absolutely! Tune in to local sports radio stations that cover Lions games, and you can listen to the game on your car radio or any other FM/AM radio device.