What Station Is The Cowboys Game On?

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What Station Is The Cowboys Game On?
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The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular football teams in the United States, and fans eagerly await their games each season. If you’re wondering what station the Cowboys game is on, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to catch the Cowboys in action.

TV Broadcast

The Cowboys games are typically broadcast on various networks, including both national and regional channels. Some of the main networks that air Cowboys games include:

1. Fox

Fox is one of the primary broadcasters of NFL games, and they often feature the Cowboys in their lineup. You can check your local Fox station to see if they will be airing the upcoming Cowboys game.

2. CBS

CBS is another major network that broadcasts NFL games, and they occasionally feature the Cowboys. You can tune in to your local CBS station to see if they will be airing the game.

3. NBC

NBC primarily broadcasts games on Sunday nights as part of their “Sunday Night Football” program. The Cowboys often make appearances on NBC, so be sure to check your local listings for the game.


ESPN is a cable sports network that airs Monday Night Football games. While the Cowboys aren’t as frequently featured on ESPN, they do occasionally play on Monday nights. If that’s the case, you can catch the game on ESPN.

Streaming Options

If you don’t have access to cable or satellite TV, you can still watch the Cowboys game through various streaming options. Here are a few popular choices:

1. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a subscription-based service that allows you to stream live NFL games. With Game Pass, you can watch every Cowboys game, as well as access on-demand content and game replays.

2. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a streaming service that offers live TV channels, including those that broadcast NFL games. Hulu + Live TV carries networks like Fox, CBS, and NBC, so you can watch the Cowboys game through this platform.

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another streaming service that provides access to live TV channels. With YouTube TV, you can watch networks like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, making it a great option to catch the Cowboys game.


Here are some frequently asked questions about where to watch the Cowboys game:

1. Can I watch the Cowboys game for free?

While some games may be available for free on local channels, most broadcasts require a cable or streaming subscription.

2. What if I live outside of the United States?

If you’re outside of the United States, you can still watch the Cowboys game through NFL Game Pass International, which offers live streaming for international viewers.

3. Can I watch the game on my mobile device?

Yes, many streaming services and networks offer mobile apps that allow you to watch the game on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Are there any blackouts for local games?

In some cases, local games may be subject to blackout restrictions. If the game is blacked out in your area, you may need to find an alternative way to watch, such as through a streaming service.

5. Can I record the game to watch later?

Yes, if you have a cable or streaming subscription, you can typically record the game using a digital video recorder (DVR) or the recording feature of the streaming service.