Movie Theatre In Cambridge, Ohio: A Cinematic Experience In The Heartland

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Movie Theatre In Cambridge, Ohio: A Cinematic Experience In The Heartland
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Welcome to the charming town of Cambridge, Ohio, where movie enthusiasts can indulge in a delightful cinematic experience. Nestled in the heartland, this picturesque location offers a range of movie theatres that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re seeking the latest blockbusters, independent films, or classic cinema, Cambridge has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the vibrant movie theatre scene in Cambridge, Ohio, and explore the options available to you.

1. The Majestic Theatre: A Historic Landmark

The Majestic Theatre, a true architectural gem, stands as a testament to Cambridge’s rich history. Built in 1926, this historic movie palace boasts ornate details and a grand ambiance. Step into the past as you enjoy timeless classics and modern releases on the big screen. The Majestic Theatre is not just a movie theatre; it’s a historical landmark that adds an extra layer of charm to your cinematic experience.


45 E. Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725


– Rich history and architectural beauty

– Wide range of movie genres

– Comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound system

2. The Cinemagic 5: Modern Comfort in a Multiplex

If you prefer a more contemporary movie-going experience, head to The Cinemagic 5. This modern multiplex boasts five screens, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect movie for your taste. With comfortable seating, top-notch sound systems, and a wide variety of concessions, The Cinemagic 5 offers a complete package for an enjoyable cinema outing.


580 Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725


– Multiple screens with diverse movie options

– Comfortable seating and modern amenities

– Concession stands with a variety of snacks and beverages

3. The Bijou: Indie Films and Artistic Delights

For moviegoers seeking a more intimate and artistic experience, The Bijou is the place to be. This cozy theatre showcases independent films, documentaries, and international cinema. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking stories and discover hidden gems from around the world. The Bijou is a haven for cinephiles looking for unique and captivating films.


120 Sgate Ct, Cambridge, OH 43725


– Curated selection of independent and international films

– Cozy and intimate atmosphere

– Engaging discussions and events with filmmakers

4. FAQs about Movie Theatres in Cambridge, Ohio

1. What are the ticket prices at The Majestic Theatre?

The ticket prices at The Majestic Theatre vary depending on the movie and showtime. On average, adult tickets range from $8 to $12, while children and senior tickets are usually priced lower.

2. Can I purchase tickets online for The Cinemagic 5?

Yes, The Cinemagic 5 offers online ticket booking through their website. You can conveniently select your preferred showtime, choose your seats, and purchase tickets in advance.

3. Does The Bijou screen mainstream Hollywood movies?

The Bijou predominantly showcases independent films, documentaries, and international cinema. However, they occasionally screen select mainstream Hollywood movies that align with their artistic vision.

4. Are there any discounts available for students at these movie theatres?

Yes, both The Majestic Theatre and The Cinemagic 5 offer student discounts. Simply present your valid student ID at the ticket counter to avail of the discount.

5. Can I rent The Majestic Theatre for private events?

Yes, The Majestic Theatre offers rental options for private events such as birthday parties, corporate functions, and special screenings. Contact their management for more information on availability and pricing.